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MP3 Checker is a program created to scan errors in MP3 files
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MP3 Checker is a program created to scan errors in MP3 files. Its true function is to detect MP3 files that are found with invalid data. Invalid data in MP3 files causes the song to produce glitches, silences, and other weird issues. If you have any song that presents this kind of problems then MP3 Checker is the tool for you.

MP3 Checker has great speed to detect several MP3 files simultaneously. You can drag the files to the main screen and the scan will take just a few seconds. You can also scan all the hard drive, however that may take a few minutes to complete.

The screen shows two tabs, one for good files and another for the bad files. The latter tab shows the address of the file along with information regarding the error. Files that are found with errors can be stored on a different location or on a special "Quarantine" folder which can be set from the program options.

One ability of this program is that it can scan files even while downloading them, making it quite a great tool. From its advanced settings you can choose the different scanning options such as scan sub directories or not, show messages, etc. The program automatically updates itself when an update is available.

Abigail Diaz
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  • Shows errors in real time, no need to wait until all is finished
  • Very rapid data scanner


  • Only scans MP3 files
  • Finds the errors, but is unable to fix them
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